About Us

  The Legner family has been farming in the Odell area since the early 1900’s. Our livelihood has evolved within the last hundred years from a grain and dairy operation to solely a grain operation, specializing in corn and soybeans. We have welcomed the fifth generation back to call Odell home and continue the Legner farming legacy.    As the generations continue of work the land, we are thankful for the opportunity to advance our problem-solving skills, knowledge of mechanical elements, and understanding of technology.  We have already begun to incorporate the newest technology into the farms we manage.  The additional data helps us to dive deep into the heart of the field and understand exactly how it is performing. Ultimately, We are able to make better, more informed, and timely decisions.    

Business Objective

   Legner Farms is looking to continue its legacy for a fifth generation. In keeping up with the ever changing world of agriculture, Legner Farms needs to expand its current acreage. To accomplish this plan, We aare offering the quality and reliability associated with the Legner name along with specialized leases tailored to fit the land owner’s needs.