Value We Bring

Field Drainage

  Legner Farms utilizes multiple services, equipment, and software to ensure that each farm can achieve its maximum yield.One of the best methods to keeping crops healthy is proper drainage.  We have been laying our own system field tile for over ten years. The process of tiling first starts with probing the field to discover existing elements.  Using laser and GPS technology, the land is then surveyed to establish an optimal grade for each main and lateral.  The new tile system is an intricate patchwork of new and existing tile, functioning toward to common drainage goal.  Upon completion, a map shows the pinpoint location of each tile through GPS technology.  As the landlord, you will be given a copy of this map.  Each time the tile work requires maintenance, a new map will be produced indicating the updates and the year in which they were made  

Soil Sampling

   Legner Farms also has the capability to complete soil sampling for our farms. Pulling the soil samples offers us the ability to keep precise records of the survey points.  After the test is complete, a map is generated to keep records of the grounds fertility potential. As always, you will receive a copy. If however, your preference is to have a third party company complete the soil sampling, we are able to use that data and still generate a VRT fertilizer prescription with the information.    

Fertilizer Map